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Broadwick Group announces new portfolio

Broadwick Group has announced the launch of Spaces & Stories, a design-led full service venue and location portfolio.

The portfolio expands upon the portfolio of Venue Lab, which was acquired by the group in 2021, a collection of venues which includes Printworks London, Magazine London and Depot Mayfield.

It is not just a collection of venues however, Spaces & Stories bills itself as being able to work with clients to deliver creative events using Broadwick Group’s production expertise.

Bradley Thompson, group managing director, Broadwick, said: “We know that finding the right space can change a story. From historic interiors to vast industrial sites, our locations have been handpicked for their potential to stage stories that resonate. We help people turn their most ambitious visions into reality.

“We believe that exceptional spaces provide the basis for human connection. Through design, architecture and distinguished service, we help create experiences that connect with people on an emotional level.”

Spaces & Stories has a team of 20 venue and event specialists, supported by a further 150 award-winning event producers, creatives and promoters from across the Broadwick Group.

Jemma Scott, head of Spaces & Stories, said: “We do more than simply provide locations. All our spaces can be reconfigured and transformed to create custom environments, and we work closely with Space partners and bookers to bring ideas and events to life.

“With an extensive network of trusted suppliers and a deep understanding of the industry, our professional team is there to support and advise you every step of the way.”