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Wish you were here…

Laura Capell-Abra says working every hour God sends is reductive, and eventprofs should be savouring their holiday time

Bad marksman

Richard John leaves us with a cliff-hanger, saying event marketers shouldn’t give everything away

Changing habits

Jennifer Davidson, founder and MD of Sleek Events, explains why forming habits has been instrumental in her personal and business success over the last four years

Hey, bosses! Your staff don't care!

By Chris Parnham, Owner and MD of Absolute Corporate Events 

Most of us business owners, leaders or managers expect or at least hope, that our staff care as much about our business as we do, but why should they? Providing they show up on time, look busy for 8 hours, don’t take too many sickies, smile in the right places, make the right noises, then their job and the security of a regular income is safe, right? This might be true in a poorly managed business, but not with effective and compassionate leadership in place.