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Stop the yawn! Wake up your audience and generate high-quality leads

Inwink shares five best practices for improving audience engagement.

Are you looking for high-quality leads from your next online event? Join the inwink Morning Show, Stop the Yawn! on 2nd December 2021 at 10am (USA) or 3pm (UK) to discover how to improve audience engagement and boost interaction. 

At the regular inwink Morning Show, the team and guest speakers share best practices for online, hybrid and live events. inwink is the SaaS firm for business-to-business event-marketing. 

This month, speakers from ecommerce industry firms MikMak and Profitero share five key lessons from Commerce Live 2021 on the process for keeping audiences interested, improving interaction with the result of high-quality leads.  
MikMak and Profitero partnered at Commerce Live 2021. The success of this event revealed various activity that is vital to a productive online conference. Here they have distilled them into 5 Best Practices. You can find out more by signing up to the webinar on Thursday 2nd of December. 

Best practice #1: Partnering to succeed
Clear objectives are the way to successful partnerships. MikMak and Protiftero combined forces and ecosystems to drive traction and used inwink’s access right management system to create a clear team structure from the outset. 

Best practice #2: Communication strategy before, during and after the event
Create a personalised communication strategy. The aim is to maintain a connection with audiences at key moments in the run-up to the event and afterwards. This includes segmentation, automation and personalisation, with planned reminders. 

Best practice #3: Onboarding the internal teams 
Explain the value and new features to get the best out of the platform to stop the team falling back into old ways. It is vital to show the sales and other internal teams how the platform enables connection with clients and prospects during the event to drive lead generation. 

Best practice #4: Seamless speaker experience
On the inwink platform, the speaker experience happens in one place. This includes a Green Room or speaker lounge, offering a personable way to connect with other speakers before they take the stage. Remembering small details like allowing a 10-minute buffer before they speak gives a professional impression.

Best practice #5: Driving engagement and maximizing interactivity during the event
Boosting engagement throughout the event helps to generate leads. Connections can be created online through face-to-face meetings, the ability to ask and answer questions directly, conversation prompts and driving participation in the chat module and networking tables.

The ability to monitor data in real-time is a key element in driving engagement, which produces good leads. It’s also useful to analyse and respond to different groups of registrants and attendees based on their behaviour; are they logged in, are they not coming back, have they registered but not created an event agenda? 

The inwink Morning Show is a regular event where companies share their experiences. Join us at our next Morning Show to discover more! For further information, drop us a line at, or say hello on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Founded in 2016, inwink is the SaaS business-to-business event-marketing solution adopted by more than 80 organisations and recognised for its functional power and technical robustness. 

The platform allows organisations to:
•    Orchestrate the organisation of physical, digital and hybrid events from an all-in-one platform
•    Provide participants and partners with a 100% branded online experience
•    Collect all participation data in real time.


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