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Benjamin Braun introducing the Life Unstoppable virtual experience

Smyle uses gaming platform to showcase Samsung products

Creative agency Smyle, alongside long-term partner Samsung, has used the gaming platform Unreal to host the first immersive live digital media experience on the platform.

Smyle created Samsung House, a hyper-realistic, 3D virtual world for Samsung Life Unstoppable, in addition to using gaming techniques in order to ring "emotional resonance" to the online event. The interactive digital hub saw the latest products in mobile, wearable, TV, audio and home appliances unveiled as part of Samsung Life Unstoppable.

Alongside the product demonstrations of Samsung Life Unstoppable, it also marked the first time the Unreal platform, known for hosting multiplayer video games Fortnite and Final Fantasy, has been used to broadcast to the largest number of concurrent users.

As part of the event, attendees moved from a modern kitchen, throughout a house, to an outdoor terrace, viewing a connected ecosystem of smart products. During different points of the tour, real-life presenters appeared on a variety of TVs, tablets and phones to demonstrate innovation behind individual items. If guests wanted more information, they were able to explore on their own, interacting with specific products. Additionally, as a way of "gamifying" the event, collectable ‘Easter eggs’ had been hidden among household items for guests to find.

Every detail, from the artwork on the walls to the fabric on the furniture, was carefully selected following research into the type of guests that would be visiting Samsung House, in an attempt to create a "truly immersive" experience.

A number of new technologies went into the event including ray tracing, a rendering technique currently only used in gaming, which created realistic light gradients and shadows within the online platform; 8D audio and 360-degree surround sound; pixel streaming which allowed for guests to watch the event in real time, no matter which device they were using; and augmented reality, which allowed for the creation of interactive elements in addition to a hyper-realistic surrounding.

Smyle also worked with poet Max Wallis to deliver a piece on how future technologies are enabling a new era of connected experiences.

Matt Margetson, innovation director at Smyle, said: “No other virtual event has used this level of interactivity before – it paves the way for virtual experiences for the future. Using the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation platform in this way, and employing gaming techniques never before seen in this setting, we are bringing guests closer to the action than ever before. We’re proud to be partnering with Samsung to elevate the world standard for product launches. This immersive virtual world is the perfect complement to the global brand’s human-centred innovations.”

Benjamin Braun, chief marketing officer for Samsung Europe, added: “Samsung is driven by innovation, not just in our products but in everything we do. This bold, new virtual experience allows people to see and interact with our products in the most immersive way without having to physically touch them. We think this opens up future opportunities to bring our products to more people.”