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Taking Control of Your Events with EventsAIR

If you could look into a crystal ball and predict what an event of the future would look like, you would most likely have to include an online element, in-person or virtual speakers, ways to connect different audiences with sponsors and exhibitors, and keep all key stakeholders happy, plus ensure they are getting value from your event. All these needs to be packaged and delivered on-time and on budget in a format that can be repeated easily to get the best ROI.

By having a digital-first strategy allows event planners to forward plan event formats while utilizing technology to transition and add functionality as needed, making great events a reality.

The EventsAIR technology platform has been at the forefront of delivering event technology for over 30 years, constantly looking at ways to maximize your technology spend to deliver amazing event experiences. Spanning the globe, EventsAIR has delivered thousands of events with millions of attendees enjoying either in-person, virtual, and now hybrid events.

Built on a security first design, the EventsAIR integrated platform delivers key areas of success from one single platform including Communications, Registrations, Event Websites, Mobile Attendee App, Virtual Portal (OnAIR), Video Streaming (AIRCast), Session Production (AIRCast Studio), and Accessibility through simultaneous translation and closed captioning, with a range of interactive tools to keep your audiences engaged and informed.

As we move into a hybrid event world, the EventsAIR platform has a variety of options to connect your onsite and online audiences. Utilizing tools such the mobile attendee app and OnAIR for face-to-face meetings via the Meeting Hub, participate in live polls and live Q&A in real time, meet exhibitors and sponsors via the virtual marketplace, and bring online audience members up on screen in an in-person environment – all managed out of one secure system.

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Other ways to keep your audiences engaged and your sponsors happy are to include interactive tools such as gamification that drives attendee behaviors while adding a competitive edge to your event, and recognizing sponsors via rewards and information. Or, to give your event a more personal touch, switch on the EventStream Social Wall where attendees can post photos, comments or like posts in a secure closed event group environment that can be moderated, and your in-person audiences can project the posts on screens during your event in a fun way to keep all your audiences engaged.

If you want immersion, then activate 3D mode within the OnAIR portal, which allows you to choose from a range of pre-built scenes that can be branded to suit your event theme. Adding custom virtual 3D exhibitor stands is another way to add value for your sponsors and exhibitors, plus create custom scenes to fully brand your event for total immersion.

To help event planners get their events up and running quickly, EventsAIR has introduced a series of managed services to ensure your events are a great success. These turnkey services provide you with a team of expert event professionals who have managed thousands of events and will deliver real value to your event. From the Technical Director who manages your event build and is online throughout your event to manage any issues, the Virtual Event Coordinator who is your central point of contact and manages all internal resourcing and speaker briefings, and the AIRCast Producer who ensures your sessions have a TV-style production quality by bringing speakers, media, and polls onto the main stage and managing the screen configuration that best suits the presentation. Plus, a team providing live support for attendees to tap into if they have any issues. All these managed services can be packaged for either single or multiple events, and are dependent on your requirements. If you prefer to fully manage your event, EventsAIR offers a path with coaching and training through its online Fast Track learning management system that makes sure you get the most out of the platform. Fast Track allows users to design a self-paced training plan that matches the type of events or functionality you wish to use.

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With so many options, the choices are limited only by your imagination. For a personal tour of EventsAIR and discussion around what technology and services option suits your business best, contact us at or visit our website