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Green events: why plants make a sustainable event décor choice

Anyone who has planned an event knows there are a multitude of elements to consider and coordinate, and Plant Designs are here to make the process as smooth as possible with our stand-out and sustainable live planting décor. Below we explore just some of the reasons why plants are the perfect décor choice for your next event.

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1. One to remember

One of the top priorities when planning any event is to make sure it’s a memorable one for your attendees, and décor is a sure-fire way to make an impression. However, single-use set dressing is a huge cause of wastage, making it one of the events industry’s biggest sustainability sticking points.

In an age of social media where everything is photographed and shared, plants can make your event instantly Instagrammable. With the hashtag #plants being used over 46 million times on the photo sharing app alone, it’s clear that people’s passion for plants is here to stay. And with the added benefit of not having to rely on disposable décor products that come with a potentially environmentally harmful manufacturing process, it’s a sustainability no-brainer.

Live planting displays can be tailored to your events, whatever the occasion may be. Whether you’re going for wild and overgrown or simple statement décor, your visions can be brought to life using a variety of gorgeous plant species, colours, shapes and sizes.

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2. Reduce and reuse

With its rapid pace and short-lived installations, the events industry can be notoriously wasteful, with fast turnarounds, temporary décor and single-use catering all contributing. Live planting designs are a great option for eye catching décor that can be easily reused once the event is over.

At Plant Designs, display collection and rehoming are key parts of our event hire process. Once the live plants have been collected, they are taken back to our warehouse where our expert team of horticulturists provide them with the care needed to keep them thriving, allowing us to reuse the planting for other projects in the future.

In cases where plants are not suitable for reuse in commercial projects, we look to rehome them in other ways, whether this is selling them in our houseplant shop, donating them to charity, or even composting them so that they can be used in future planting.

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3. It's all in the mind

The mindset of attendees is crucial to the success of events, but rather than creating goodwill through methods such as throwaway freebies and wasteful food offerings, why not opt for décor that is proven to have a positive psychological impact?

Not only do plants create physical benefits such as cleaner air, they have also been proven to have a range of psychological benefits too. Studies have shown that just one plant in a room can increase positivity by a huge 65% and reduce stress by 50%.

On top of increasing positivity, it has been found that when surrounded by natural elements our productivity and creativity can be boosted by as much as 47%. This puts attendees in a better position to retain information about the event, as well as improving chances for collaboration between guests.


With all of these benefits and more, it’s easy to see why live planting makes events greener in more ways than one. To find out more about how we can provide stand-out plant décor and bring your event to life, get in touch with us today at or visit our website