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Venues of Excellence welcomes new advisory group members

Venues of Excellence welcomes new advisory group members

Following the change of ownership, Venues of Excellence have implemented an new advisory group.

The key aim of the advisory group is to have a diverse group of individuals representing its member venues, who can contribute to the changes and challenges faced within hospitality.

The advisory group will replace the board of directors and work alongside the Venues of Excellence team to deliver the consortiums business strategy.

Commenting on the group, Stewart Elsmore, director of Campus Services, Cranfield University and chair of the advisory group, said: “The advisory group plays a vital role. It’s comprised of experienced members, from within the collection of venues, who have an identified diversity and individual skills to inform the decision making and direction of Venues of Excellence, ensuring the consortium consistently delivers membership benefits to the satisfaction of its key stakeholders.”

The two new advisory group members include Emma Chamberlain (pictured right), head of sales and marketing at Imago Venues and Ulrike Le Roux (pictured left), director at Interesting Hotels. Chamberlain will head up the sustainability focus group, and Le Roux will steer the technology and innovation focus group.

Nicole Sadd, CEO of Rothamsted Enterprises, who is responsible for the quality focus group, commented: “Quality is at the heart of what Venues of Excellence stands for. We have a robust quality audit in place, that is continuously built upon.”

Mandy Jennings, CEO, Venues of Excellence, added: “Throughout the pandemic we supported our venues and focussed on our business strategy to ensure we were ready to embrace a new beginning.

"Each of our advisory group members bring their own experience and knowledge to the organisation which will assist us in carving out the future for Venues of Excellence.”