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Top Banana: agency reports rise in live event enquiries later in 2021

Creative agency Top Banana has said it has seen an increase in enquiries for live events in the second half of 2021.

The agency has also said it has seen project lead-times slashed to engage audiences, with the average turnaround of six months to deliver a live activation reduced to four weeks for most online alternatives.

Nonetheless, the news of a rise in enquiries is positive for the events industry.

Jade Langston, the agency’s client and commercial director, said that despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Top Banana has taken on new clients. “Although it’s been a challenging year in many ways, we have welcomed a number of new clients and continue to receive new enquiries for projects and events in 2021,” said Langston. “January was a busy start to the year and we are excited about some of the briefs we are currently working on.

“There has definitely been in a shift in project leads times, as we used to get projects six months in advance, whereas now we can be asked to turn a virtual event around in as little as four weeks.”

langston jade

Langston (pictured) added that despite enquiries for online events still in the majority, the outlook towards the end of 2021 is shaping up with a view to return to live. 

“At the moment, due to the national lockdown and shorter lead times, our event enquiries are still mainly virtual [online], however, we are definitely seeing a movement towards live again in the second half of 2021, which we’re really excited about,” Langston noted. “Many companies are making sure they are covering their options, so we are often pitching for multiple scenarios, as we know government restrictions can change so quickly, we now need to prepare for anything.

“We’ve started to see more and more interest in hybrid events as I think the pandemic has shown the power of virtual, but people still recognize the importance of face to face. 

Langston added that she didn’t see online or hybrid event models going away any time soon, and that they would continue to create new opportunities.