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Stuart Moss filming at the cedar court hotel

#StudioSpacesYorkshire: more innovation from The Cedar Court Hotels Group

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We created #StudioSpacesYorkshire at Cedar Court Hotels, with a view to facilitating conferences for our clients during the obvious disruption; I could see how the need for companies to communicate presentations to their full audiences wasn’t going to go away…even if they couldn’t all physically be together. Technology being put to use in such a way made instant sense to me and was therefore worth our combined efforts; happily, this turned out to be the case.


However, what has surprised us somewhat is the multitude of other uses people are finding for this setup! Digital Weddings are on the horizon, as are Fashion Photo Shoots, Charity Presentations, and fan engagement filming for (a few) Sports Teams – naturally, we are delighted, and we have tailored our packages to accommodate. 


As we continue to move the concept forwards, I will be looking to ensure that we are offering an ‘experiential’ element to complement the digital for I think that’s where the true value lay; here is a fantastic set up that makes you look and sound more professional than ever before, to as many people as you want…all of whom are enjoying their ‘meeting themed care package’ that has been delivered out in time to be shared together. Community and true engagement, both on screen and off. 

You’ll see this soon at Cedar Court Hotels


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