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Sodexo scores record-breaking month at the Amex

Services and catering company Sodexo has reported a record month for non-matchday business during June at the American Express Community Stadium (Amex) in Brighton. The Sodexo team at Brighton & Hove Albion FC arranged 64 events in the month, including the Eco Show and three end-of-term school proms. Already in July, the team have hosted a two-day diocese for the Catholic Church, which saw the single largest gathering of Catholics in the UK since the Pope's visit in 2010. The summer has also seen meetings held at the Amex for clients including the NHS, and the education, government and recruitment and insurance sectors. Southern Water used the venue for a three-day roadshow and Amex also welcomed, in July, 500 foreign language students to an English language summer school. Looking ahead, the stadium will host two Rugby World Cup fixtures, as well as the football season starting again. In 2013, Sodexo won a five-year contract to provide matchday retail, hospitality, restaurant catering, conference and events catering, and sales and marketing services at the Amex. Last year, that deal was extended. Tony Crosbie, general manager for Sodexo welcomed the summer’s events business spike. “We've seen record revenues and that is fantastic for the club in this era of Financial Fair Play, where for Championship clubs - more than any others - every penny counts.” Colin Perkins, operations director for Sodexo Prestige, added: “Increasingly, we are working with our venue clients on our non-matchday offer, which reflects a growing trend in the industry to make best use of the conference facilities available at all times.” He said there had been a significant increase in non-matchday business.