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New survey reveals most important factors in choosing a conference venue

Wyboston Lakes Resort has released the results of a new survey, which says that ‘a good range of high quality AV/presentation technology and support staff’ is the most important factor in choosing a conference venue.

This feature of venues came top in the poll, which spoke to almost 100 event professionals. ‘Good customer service’ was a close second, while ‘quality of food’ came just behind in third.

Respondents were asked to choose their top three priorities from a lengthy list of venue features and these three were clearly at the top. In fourth place was ‘free wi-fi for delegates,’ while ‘clarity on pricing’ was fifth and ‘a venue that understands our priorities’ in sixth, just ahead of ‘good lighting in meeting rooms including natural light.’

In eighth place was ‘comfortable seating’ and ‘other’ was ninth, most specified ‘accessibility of the location.’ ‘Creativity in food options’ completed the top ten.

Louisa Watson, director of marketing at Wyboston Lakes Resort, commented: “It is fascinating to see these findings. While we, like most venues, continually talk to potential clients about what they are looking for, a substantial survey like this gives us a clear overview, insight and guidance on what really matters to them.

“Our research before investing in our venue highlighted the importance of AV and presentation technology so this survey supports our decision to invest £0.5m in IT and technology.