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trevor elswood

New Capita Travel and Events partnership set to deliver clients rail delay compensation

Travel, meetings and event management agency Capita Travel and Events claims it has become the first intermediary to partner with Railguard to provide ‘delay repay’ compensation claim services for rail travel.

Current legislation makes it possible to claim compensation if your train is delayed or cancelled and Capita Travel and Events says its partnership means customers can benefit from proactive identification of eligible claims and get alerts that compensation is due.

The service will be integrated with Capita Travel and Events’ specialist managed rail service via its mobile app. The service will also reconcile and report delays and successful claims, with monies credited back to the traveller’s organisation.  

Capita Travel and Events and Railguard worked on insights into anonymised data of live customer bookings in 2017, identifying that around 2.5% of the rail spend was eligible for delay repay compensation. With planned changes in regulation, Railguard anticipates average claim eligibility could see this rise to 7 per cent by 2025.

Trevor Elswood (pictured), chief commercial officer, Capita Travel and Events, said: “As specialists in UK business rail travel, we recognise the benefits of innovations such as Railguard’s. By putting a service and technology wrapper around it, we can provide our customers with opportunities to save money and improve value.

“This is another example of a Capita Travel and Events market-first which benefits our customers, our future growth, and in this case, an innovative new start-up.”

Matt Freckelton, managing director, Railguard Limited, added: “We’re really excited to be working with Capita Travel and Events. Their name is synonymous with rail in the business travel world, and to work with such a forward-thinking company will also help validate our proposition in the eyes of our target market, TMCs.”

Capita Travel and Events says it will pilot the service with multiple customers over the coming months.