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How conferences and coffee are helping rehabilitate young offenders

Oxford event and conference venue The King’s Centre has launched a partnership with a barista academy which helps young offenders integrate back into society after leaving prison.

Redemption Roasters is now working as The King’s Centre’s official supplier, selling to guests who visit the centre’s café.

Redemption Roasters is based at Aylesbury young offenders’ institution and trains inmates as professional roasters and baristas, to provide skills and opportunities to rehabilitate. The company points toward Ministry of Justice statistics, which show prisoners are 50% more likely to re-offend if they leave prison without skills or a job.

Michelle Fernandez, general manager at The King’s Centre, Oxford, said: “As a community and charity spirited organisation we felt partnering with Redemption Roasters fitted with our core values.

“We are delighted to be able to support the vital work it does helping young people, and it also enables us to provide our guests with coffee that is ethically sourced and helps a good cause.”

Thomas De Garnham of Redemption Roasters said: “We're proud to provide the King’s Centre with a fantastic coffee offering. We share the same social values, providing support and rehabilitation to the local Oxfordshire community.”