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HOSPA to proceed with live conference

HOSPA has said it will go ahead with its live conference on 19 November, despite the recently imposed lockdown. The event, which will see no more than 30 people attend in person in accordance with the current law, take place at the Royal Lancaster London.

Content will be streamed online to a wider audience via the hotel’s new XR stage and platform.

Following the theme Hospitality in the COVID age: Survive and Thrive, topics covered will include hospitality finance in the Covid era, technology, collaborative working, IOT in hospitality, empowering talent, professional development, and understanding guest behaviour to maximise opportunity.

Leading hospitality voices, such as CEO of UKHospitality Kate Nicholls, will offer insight as to how the wider industry is coping, as well as guidance on some of the steps needed to weather the ongoing challenges.

The workshops and talks will be conducted live at the Royal Lancaster London, with HOSPA then projecting these around the world to remote attendees. The use of Extended Reality will provide a more authentic experience – going above and beyond the usual setup for a webinar or online conference. 

Jane Pendlebury, CEO of HOSPA, said that the latest lockdown has underlined the importance of working together as an industry. “HOSPACE 2020, as a hybrid affair, means it’s both safe to attend and extremely beneficial, thanks to the wealth of hospitality insight and knowledge on offer to a sector in need,” she said.

She continued: “We’ve seen so many events having to be cancelled and indeed, we were worried at one point as the November lockdown was announced that HOSPACE would be the latest casualty. However, with hotels allowed to stay open for business purposes, the Royal Lancaster London was still able to host, which means we’re in a position to deliver high quality advice and industry knowledge via a line-up that provides an abundance of experience across a broad range of hospitality functions.”

She concluded: “The conferencing technology provided by the Royal Lancaster London enables us to deliver an event that goes far and above what one would normally expect. We’ve all been overloaded by video calls since the pandemic began, so HOSPACE is set to be presented in an engaging and novel way that puts safety first. We’re very much looking forward to it and hope you can join us.”