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Cranleigh Boutique becomes first North-West venue to accept cryptocurrency

Hospitality entrepreneur, Stephen Hargreaves, is accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment at his Cranleigh Boutique hotel.

In so doing, the hotel becomes the first venue in the North-West to include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Utrust Token and Tether, as accepted forms of payment.

Hargreaves will be working with provider, UTRUST, to facilitate payments.

Hargreaves said: “We know that the interest and use of digital assets is growing, particularly over the past 18 months, with investors seeking to diversify their assets in times of economic turbulence. I’ve been contacted by numerous customers requesting we include a way to pay for bookings with Bitcoin at The Cranleigh Boutique.

"Although initially unsure of the level of appeal, it is very clear that there is a considerable market for this. This will be a first for us, for the Lake District and for the North-West, but we are renowned for our forward-thinking approach and for applying pioneering methods to our processes. We know consumer habits and preferences are changing; we are spearheading that change across our region.”

The newly refurbished Cranleigh boutique has a variety of accommodation options: a self-catering smart villa, Bon Vivant, the Hideout Boutique House, and the Church Suites, all of which can now be booked using Bitcoin.