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Fortune cookie card

The business card designed to make a fortune

Creative maverick and guerrilla marketing guru Shed Simove designs novelty gifts and already has his own banknote business card and a business scratchcard, too.

Delivering one of the keynotes at International Confex last week, Simove, who also hit the news with his personal dating website featuring himself only – Shinder – launched his latest ‘fortune cookie’ business card from the show stage at Olympia London.

“To get noticed in a crowded market, sometimes you have to turn a concept completely on its head… so I wanted to present a completely different type of business card to the event professionals at Confex. I thought: ‘Perhaps I don’t need a ‘card’ at all…’ 

So, this latest business ‘card’ from Simove comes in a silver packet and inside the packet is a fortune cookie…When the cookie is broken the slip of paper inside reveals a fortune that says: ‘In your near future, you have an event with Shed Simove presenting’.

On the back of the card are Simove’s full contact details, of course.

We foresee some great future success in Shed’s future!

Shed Simove's fortune cookie business card