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Brighton conference space to be replaced with hotel

A new 221-room hotel has begun construction on Brighton’s famous seafront, with the conference and exhibition space of the Metropole hotel in Cannon Place, being torn down to make way.

The new property, which will be operated by Topland and called The Maldron Hotel, Brighton, will share facilities with the existing Metropole but operate as a standalone venue.

The conference space being demolished was last used in 2018, part of the planning permission application as ensuring that the removal of the space would not impact Brighton’s ability to host large scale events.

The new hotel will revitalise an area of Brighton that locals believe is in need of improvement. The Argus reported that Councillor Leo Littman, who chairs the council’s planning committee, said in a meeting last year: “This area is a bit of an embarrassment. In this case, what is being proposed is a significant enhancement and I support it.”

Conservative councillor Carol Theobald echoed his view and said: “It looks very nice - and the glass front is so much nicer than the scruffy area.”