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30 euston square charity

30 Euston Square announces charity pledge

Conference and events venue, 30 Euston Square, is marking its 10th anniversary with a pledge to raise £10,000 for charity this year.

The pledge, aimed in giving back to the local community, will include a voluntary £10 donation for every event held at the venue, with 30 Euston Square matching the amount raised.

Funds raised will be donated to local Camden charity, Euston Food Bank, which is supported by the Trussell Trust and works to support local people in crisis with nutritionally balanced emergency food.

Luiz Mazzari, general manager, 30 Euston Square, said: “During the coming months, we will hold various events to thank our clients for the incredible support through the years, but we want to start it off by pledging to say thanks and give back to our local community”.