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Hopin acquires events marketing platform

Hopin acquires events marketing platform

Event management platform Hopin has acquired Attendify, an events management suite, at its hybrid event Illuminate.

As Hopin continues to expand its events offering, we spoke to Anthony Kennada, chief marketing officer, Hopin, to find out more about the acquisition. Kicking off with the reason for the acquisition.

Kennada said: “As Hopin moves to the all-in-one model, we can host any event, whether it’s a virtual programme, hybrid event or even an on-site experience. Event marketing is the next big piece of the puzzle for us. The legacy part of event marketing is our landing page builder, ticketing and admissions solution, called Canvas. Attendify’s functionality will mesh quite well with our existing solutions for these three areas.

“There are two big use cases we see for Attendify. First off, they excel at audience CRM, the idea that if you have a community of people in your industry or who are attending your events, how do you build a data warehouse that has all their attendance and engagement data. The second is leveraging this data to drive registrations and attendance, so we’re building something we call a campaign manager, which is effectively marketing automation in the hands of event organisers.”

For a business that has been around for just two years, Hopin has seen major growth and seen large acquisitions, with the company acquiring online event provider Boomset earlier this year. We wanted to know what the challenges of expanding in this manner were.

Kennada said: “There’s a fine balance, in that there’s a lot of organic product development happening in the back end, but a year and three months ago there were 12 people at Hopin. This type of scale and growth, on the revenue and people side, would have been impossible to achieve completely organically.

“We believe that the industry is being reinvented today, as we come back stronger as a community from the pandemic the rules are changing. Digital is evolving and we believe that having a digital layer to events in future will be the standard. To achieve this, we both need to build great products internally but also meet the cultural moment we are in today to acquire great talent.”