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CN Meets: CNAA Winner - Charli Briggs

Charli Briggs, founder, Eventure, talks to CN reporter Louisa Daley about her experience of starting up an agency during the pandemic, some top tips for future start-ups, alongside what it means to win a CNAA.

CN Meets: CNAA Winner - Simon Baird

Simon Baird, creative director, Cheerful Twentyfirst, talks to CN reporter Louisa Daley about the CNAA entry process, the creativity behind his team and events, alongside what it means to win Creative Team of the Year.

CN Sessions - Events return to Harrogate

Martin Fullard talks to Paula Lorimer, director at Harrogate Convention Centre, about events returning to the venue, the calendar for the next year, and how the future is looking bright.

CN Sessions - Joining the events industry in the wake of Covid-19

Cameron Roberts talks with Mikey Pavlou, Business Development Specialist, b2 Live Events, about his experience joining the events organisation industry at a time where the industry is at a crossroads. He also covers booking patterns, client demands and what recovery looks like for b2.