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Radisson Red job advert: quirky or cringey?

The Radisson Red hotel in Glasgow, which sits opposite the Scottish Event Campus (SEC), has is recruiting hospitality staff in a rather unusual manner.

The hotel, which opened in 2018 and features a sky bar with panoramic views over Glasgow and the SEC, posted a job advert online asking for ‘creatives’ to apply for roles. The amusing advert goes on to say applicants should be ‘a little bit mischievous’. Less amusing, perhaps, is that the role only offers a zero hours contract.

However, the advert has attracted national press attention, so here at CN we don't feel ashamed to copy the job advert out in full. We’re happy to give it the desired publicity.

It reads:


Radisson RED sees things differently. We don’t have ‘staff’ we have ‘Creatives’. 

CREATIVE (Food & Drink Assistants) 


  • Throughout the hotel you make it clean, cook on the stoves, serve the coffees, shake the cocktails, book tours, make reservations and check guests. Always laughing with guests, playing the odd game and even a little bit of mischief now and again, but that’s generally OK, at RED we demand it.
  • Drive the guest experience, they can’t wait to come back and they will tell others, promise.
  • Communicate with fellow creatives … constantly.
  • Offer ideas, make suggestions and encourage fellow Creatives - for the benefit of guests, the venue and your colleagues.
  • Be coached. Go as far as you can. We insist.
  • Deliver our service standards. They are our foundation, always up-to-date and utilised. You know, each Mojito should look and taste the same, no strawberries, ever!
  • Present; in the soul of house, in the action, happy moving from the RED Sky Bar alive with music, to the events areas and a book reading, over to the lobby where a group are looking for a restaurant recommendation. The phone rings reservation, you’ve got it and now you are flipping an omelette, catch it! This place is alive and you love it. Smile. Photo.
  • You know this is a job about flexibility – you will be as comfortable serving behind the counter in the OuiBar, waiting tables, serving RedEvents, sweeping the doorway as you are greeting guests, helping them navigate the Venue and ensuring that their Red experience starts well and just gets better & better.


We don’t need experience but we do need personality. You should be innovative, creative, demonstrate a positive mindset and love a challenge. You are engaging, self-motivated and love guests, we all do. Be genuine, yourself, we love that and won’t change that, promise! 

You love people’s interaction, you want to be yourself, you are passionate for Music, Art & Fashion, we want to talk to you!
Come as you are, wear a big smile and become the one who greets like no other. Forget the script. There is no script. Forget traditional, be bold. Have a chat. Make Red the place to be!. 

Are you READY? So, tell us. Show us. Make us smile. Use your phone and send us a video clip/ a selfie/ photos/ an Instagram link… anything giving us insight into why you’re ready to welcome the world to the RED side. 

Come join us and Make Every Moment Matter and make RED the place to be in Glasgow. INDHOTEL

What do you think? Is this quirky or cringey. It has certainly got people’s attention.