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 “The industry has experienced seismic change,” says DRPG

“The industry has experienced seismic change,” says DRPG

Events agency DRPG, says the industry has experienced seismic change across various areas, which has altered the foundation of events.

Melanie“Seismic change in the way we get together, warp-speed developments in virtual engagement platforms, the relentless focus on ROI and the demand for sincere sustainability has been rocking the foundations of events. There’s no going back,” says Melanie Palmer (pictured), strategic planner at DRPG.

As a result, DRPG reveals it has been seeing organisers “plan more strategically” and “scrutinise every decision.”

“Before they book their channels, they are making sure that they understand the audience dynamics, their preferences, the experience to be created and the best way of achieving engagement objectives,” Palmer adds.

Creating worthwhile, sustainable experiences

According to DRPG, live events, done well, can be expensive to organise.

"Therefore, organisers with stringent ROI targets to achieve need to make sure they are getting the optimum solution, whether that’s live, virtual or hybrid. But a remote or on-demand event is no longer the second best or cheapest option; the experience has got to be better than or just as good as the live alternative," she says.

Palmer also notes the demand for engaging, relevant, entertaining and exciting content.

"It’s a complicated equation," she says.

"With the predicted backlash against green washing, rainbow washing and generally being disingenuous, any company that can win back trust through sincerely and genuinely delivering a truly sustainable event has got our vote.

"Examining your approach against the UN’s sustainability goals is a good way to reveal the strength of your promise," Palmer adds.