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15Hatfields hosts Greengage’s sustainability leadership group

15Hatfields hosts Greengage’s sustainability leadership group

Sustainable London venue, 15Hatfields, has hosted the launch of Greengage’s new leadership group to tackle the hospitality industry’s core sustainability issues.

The group, Platinum Inner Circle, comprises of representatives from the UK’s most sustainable venues, all of which have been accredited with ECOsmart Platinum, Greengage’s highest status of accreditation recognising sustainability.

Representatives from 15Hatfields, Pan Pacific Hotel, Wyboston Lakes, Kia Oval, Church House Westminster, Oxford Brookes Venues, Woodhaven Space and Friends House will be sharing their collective experience to support the sustainability journey of other businesses.

Marketing and hospitality consultants, Custard and Trident Hospitality, were also in attendance to help decide the most effective delivery of support to the industry.

At the event, the most pressing topics were energy consumption (amid the rising costs) and food waste.

The issue of food waste was further broken down by the committee into several considerations including how to identify and measure the problem, how to set targets, get staff buy-in, portion size, smart menus and customer engagement.

This aims to form the basis of a best practice guide circulated to venues and hotels. Additional topics will later include plastic, general waste and recycling, transport, carbon offsetting.

Andrew Perolls, CEO, Greengage, said: “When we have so many members that have made positive strides in this industry, we felt it was important to gather this collective experience to positively influence others." 

Joe Harris, client services manager, 15Hatfields, added: “Sustainability continues to be a hot topic, but the real change comes with action, not conversation, and that is what this group is about.”