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RefTech launches new membership management software

Event software company RefTech has announced the launch of MemberReference, a new piece of software that aims to simplify membership management.

The system is specifically designed for membership organisations and includes reporting tools and administration functions, and is based on the EventReference event management software.

The system allows administrators to access lists of members who have not yet renewed, who have lapsed or who are coming up to renewal, and allows them to send them reminder emails. In addition, admins can import an existing membership list from a spreadsheet while details of members who don't want to use online systems can also be added and managed. All forms can be adapted to the specific needs of the organisation.

MemberReference also aims to enable organisations to improve member retention by providing multiple routes to increased member engagement.

Simon Clayton, chief ideas officer of RefTech, said: “Membership engagement is a vital part of the management of any membership organisation, especially at present: without being able to hold live events, it is necessary to find alternative ways of creating and monitoring it. In our experience, member retention is far harder than member recruitment so having a system that helps engagement with members and an easy to use, real time online renewal process further increases member retention.”

MemberReference aims to increase member engagement by: simplifying member communication, allowing bespoke communication including newsletters with trackable links, and the setup and automation of transactional emails; creating targeted communications designed for different membership types; monitoring member contact and flagging members who are not engaging and are therefore more likely to leave; enabling membership organisations to create a ‘members only’ zone for members to access exclusive information and content; simplifying payment options to enable easier renewals and for members to add and pay for optional extras; providing a safe and secure platform for members' personal information; and reporting accurately and efficiently on membership numbers and interactions.