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UKSV produces Brunel University’s Graduation Ceremony

UKSV and Brunel’s partnership

Brunel University London, an educational institute with over 14,000 students and 2,150 staff has expanded its relationship with UKSV, an event and communication specialist company.

UKSV has worked with Brunel for several years through a third party. Therefore, when a large tender became available to help Brunel with its graduation ceremony, UKSV was keen to deliver this and further its relationship with the university.

UKSV were selected by Brunel for a minimum three-year contract to produce its Graduation Ceremonies. This included transforming its indoor athletics centre (IAC) into a ceremony hall and organising the four-day graduation event. In 2019, UKSV welcomed over 13,000 attendees to join Brunel in celebrating student achievements.

The Transformation

The IAC’s terrain is made up of specialist tracks and surfaces for athletics and is not designed for an event on the scale of Brunel’s graduation ceremony.

However, UKSV’s team converted the athletics venue into a ceremony hall using specialist flooring to protect the existing athletics tracks along with installing seating for 1,600 graduates and their family members. UKSV also set up lighting, video projection and sound equipment.

The initial rigging to convert the IAC into a graduation venue took six days. Logistics and site organisation were key as UKSV managed 16 trucks arriving and worked on time to a build schedule.

The Celebration

Sound, lighting and projections were added to the ceremony, which aimed to compliment the speeches and welcoming of 4,000 graduates.

UKSV also provided live video streams of the presentations which were displayed on the projection screens and the Brunel website. This ensured that those unable to be in the hall still had the opportunity to celebrate their loved one’s achievements.

Brunel also requested that the celebrations were as sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible. UKSV achieved this through using its fuel-efficient generators and energy-saving equipment, such as LED lighting and laser projection. The carpets were also reused following the ceremony for other building projects around the university.