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Keeping the flame of inspiration alight: Berlin’s Sleeping Beauties, Episode 8

In this episode AXICA’s Mark Felstead leads us to discover how Berlin’s hotel scene has been trying to cope with the corona crisis and we hear about some of the innovative ideas the city’s hotel managers have been dreaming up to raise both revenues and the spirits of their staff.

Amid all the community spirit on show, we should remember there have been many heart rendering stories of lifelong hoteliers having to close their properties.

This podcast also explores the challenges of keeping your furloughed staff motivated and listeners will hear also how students are literally saving the day for one hotel, where legend of the Berlin hotel scene and hotel director, Philip Ibrahim (pictured on his bike), is steering the ship to keep it and its staff’s heads above water. Check it out, The Student Hotel, part of an exciting and innovative chain.

Berlin is a city forged in times of trial with many businesses in survival mode. The city is also showing its creativity in adversity and just why it is a centre of ideas and innovation, and one that is looking forward to better times and to be able to deliver that inspirational backdrop for any event.