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Catering for all

Louisa Daley chats to Daniel Broughton, brand development chef at Searcys, Adam Simpson, director of marketing at etc.venues, and Narmeen Kamran, event director at Desert Island Events, to understand the popularity and importance of serving vegan dishes at events

Top of the league

Chelsea FC's Stamford Bridge has continued its investment with the unveiling of its newest event space

Waste not, want not

Louisa Daley speaks to Warren Campbell, general manager at 15Hatfields, to find out how the London venue strives for sustainability, from food waste to plastics

Searcys: a taste of the action

As part of Big Catering Month, Conference News editor Martin Fullard talks to Searcys managing director Paul Jackson on all things food, future, and sustainability

The road to equality

Gabrielle Austen Browne charts her career journey and reveals how it led to the formation of Diversity Ally