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Too busy or too lazy?

Julian Agostini, MD at Mash Media, isn't deterred by a spot of rain

The deluge of rain that we received last Saturday was biblical at times, but much needed for the grass (oh dear, that makes me sound very old). Waking up on mornings like that is exciting when you have a scheduled football match. Those conditions are great fun to play in, so I was devastated when the message came through that the opposition’s pitch was water-logged.

It can’t be, it must have drained away by now. Can we get a different pitch, switch the game to a home fixture, move kick off times; anything?

But then I start getting the messages through from some of my team: “Oh good; wasn’t feeling it today,” said one. “That suits me this week, I’ve got to do some admin,” said another.

“Actually, I was going to call off anyway,” added one more, and finally: “Yesss, let’s watch the rugby down the club.”

What’s going on? These are footballers; don’t you want to play football? I don’t get it. Are we so intrinsically lazy that we are actually happier not to do anything, if we don’t have to, than to do the thing we have committed to or is really important to us?

Alternatively, is it that our lives are so full that any opportunity we get to stop and breath, we’ll celebrate even if that means missing out on something important as long as we can demonstrate that it wasn’t our fault?

Is it this mentality that consumes exhibitors and visitors when it comes to participation or just turning up?

It’s definitely something they want to do, and they know it’s good for them but, let’s face it, it’s a lot more effort than just sitting in the office.

When talking to exhibitors, it almost feels like they are looking for reasons to say no rather than trying to understand how they could use an event rammed full of their buyers. Exhibitions, done well, can propel their business forward. Growing your business is not easy, why wouldn’t you investigate every way possible that could help you in this quest?

Visitors are even harder to understand in this regard. Attending the trade show for your industry can only make you better at your job, better informed, more involved etc. Where is the downside?

Yet when the rain come, you see workers or, rather, potential visitors, punch the air secretly and lean back in their chairs. Too busy or too lazy?