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ibtm day 3

IBTM Wired ends day three

Day three of IBTM Wired has wrapped, with the focal points of the day being on the ‘moonshot’ thinking process, the perspective of associations as well as the Middle East and Africa regions.

Ozan Varol, rocket scientist turned bestselling author and professor, took on the keynote session, explaining his method of ‘moonshot’ thinking to achieve a business’ goals.

Varol said: “Moonshot thinking means that even if you don’t get what you’re aiming for, your failure will take you far ahead of where you otherwise ended up. And remember, even if you do achieve, the journey doesn’t end once the mission is accomplished – it’s all one continuous loop”. 

Senthil Gopinath, CEO, ICCA, presented the results of the ICCA Association Meeting Needs Survey, in collaboration with AfSAE, APFAO and ESAE.

Among the results of interest, of those surveyed: 96% of respondents said technology has impacted the way they conduct meetings; 49% of respondents were planning to schedule in-person formats for the first or second half of 2021; and 38% are investing more in professional production.

The day rounded out with Rick Taylor, CEO, The Business Tourism Company, being interviewed about the Middle East and Africa. He spoke about how planners are often surprised by the regions as well as the sustainability push for events in Africa.

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