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Human investment

Martin Fullard meets Rachael Kenny, events lead at Investors in People and CN30 under Thirty winner Our purpose is to make work better.

What does Investors in People do, and what is your role?

Our purpose is to make work better. ‘Make Work Better’ are three words that are easy to understand, but not easy to always get right. We provide organisations with the right tools and support to keep their people happy and healthy. It is important because a lot of people will spend a total of 80,000 hours at work and we think they deserve more from it than just a pay cheque. My role is events lead, and I work as part of the marketing team. We put on events throughout the year to bring our community together and to share our purpose.

How many events do you run each year?

In 2020 we have between 25 to 30 events planned. These range from an awards ceremony for 900 people to online webinars. I work across all of our events alongside two others who make up our events team.

Do you work with agencies?

The majority of our events are run in-house by us. However, for the Investors in People Awards, which is our biggest event of the year, we use an agency to help with the venue and production. As a small team, having an agency on hand to manage all the suppliers, and to bring everything together on the night, really helps to enable us to concentrate on all the other aspects of the event.

How important is sustainability to Investors in People, and how is it reflected in your events?

As with many organisations it is becoming more important, and as an events team we are always looking for innovative ways to make our events more sustainable. We use technology to register guests, replacing name badges and saving on plastic and paper. We always try to not over order on food to prevent wastage, as well as use venues and destinations with good public transport links.

Where do you think the events industry sits in the eyes of a corporation?

I believe the events industry is an integral partner for corporations to make the most out of their business development and marketing opportunities. In such a digitalised world there is really no better way to bring your community and clients together than offline at an event. We crave face-to-face contact in a way we didn’t before because socialising and networking has become a more online experience.

Are there any changes you would like to see in the events industry?

I would like to see improved security measures and the implementation of Martyn's Law, making security checks a standard part of the package when hiring a venue. I have been to far too many venues when anyone could walk off the street into an event without being questioned. I did my MSc research on this topic in 2018 so it is something I am passionate about.