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Case study: Agiito delivers series of virtual events

The objectives

At the beginning of 2020, Agiito intended to plan 14 events across Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia for a medical technology company.

Due to the pandemic, the agency instead provided a virtual solution for the client’s global training events

For the hybrid event, the client needed to present virtually and local hotels (in Istanbul and Dubai). The latter was just for 15 but then grew into 70 last minute and had to comply with social distancing rules.

The solution

The agency held the client’s virtual academy over three days (instead of two), with three different content streams each day to keep delegates engaged and reduce the risk of Zoom fatigue.

As part of the transition from live to virtual events, the agency also supported with:

• A branded delegate registration website

• Pre-event communications

• Pre-reading materials

• Project management

• Event management

• The virtual event portal

• Audio visual

• An app (to access on-demand content and event Q&A’s/polling).

The objective of each event was to educate both medical practitioners and clinic staff on the weight loss device (a fully supported weight loss programme) and its benefits to patients, with physicians gaining certification for fitting the device.

To maintain interactivity, Agiito used a mixture of pre-recorded videos, live content and Google Jamboard.

Whilst the events manager was based in the UK and the client based in France, Agiito ran a hybrid event simultaneously across four countries, where it had live presentations from Boston and Dubai, with two-way communications with Istanbul, so delegates could talk with presenters in different continents.


Throughout 2020, six virtual events successfully took place for its client’s Latin American and Asian audiences, with nearly 100 participants in attendance for each academy.

Agiito’s partnership with the client has strengthened and resulted in a doubling of the client’s budget for 2021.


“We worked with Agiito back in the good old days of face-to-face events, and when we had to quickly pivot to webinar sessions, we anticipated running them ourselves. We quickly discovered that the webinar events were no way near as slick, professional or engaging as we wanted them to be, plus we were distracted from content delivery by trying to simultaneously manage the technical aspect,” commented a spokesperson from the medical technology company.

We discussed this with Agiito who quickly, seamlessly (and cost-effectively) elevated the experience on every level. From registration and pre-read sharing through a bespoke branded app, to dedicated technical AV support before during and after our sessions, to sending treats and learning material parcels to delegates, we managed to regain the excitement and engagement of face-to-face seminars. Thank you,” they added.