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Case study: Bright idea

Amaris Hospitality took a tech-turn to maximise profitability from their meetings space

The brief

Amaris Hospitality is a large property management company spanning the UK and Ireland, overseeing more than 65 internationally branded hotels under the Jurys Inns, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, DoubleTree by Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn, IBIS Styles and Mecure brands. 

Although they operate independently, each of the hotels has been responsible for optimising revenue from guest room sales in order to meet Amaris’ overall profitability goals. 

Many of the properties have implemented a successful guest room revenue management strategy by partnering with IDeaS Revenue Solutions. However, to stay competitive in the marketplace, the Amaris team recognised that revenue managers needed to be more strategic about driving revenue across the entire property. 

A unified revenue management strategy was needed. 

Obstacles faced

Aside from a sales and catering system, the revenue management process for meetings and events at Amaris properties had been entirely manual. 

Sales staff relied on off-site revenue managers to email spreadsheets with revenue information including demand, forecasting and booking pace. The process relied on staff being able to understand the information to set pricing strategy. 

Improving meetings and events insights 

After talking with IDeaS to understand their function space options, Amaris implemented Smart Space by IDeaS, a cloud-based platform designed specifically to analyse the business trends and performance of meetings and events space within hotels and stand-alone venues.

Smart Space creates a firm connection between revenue managers and event sales managers by providing visibility into meetings and events demand. 

By combining Smart Space with the IDeaS solutions already in use, Amaris was able to provide the tools, reporting and strategy needed to bring the revenue managers and function-space sales and marketing teams together. Now, each team has access to the information they need to make smarter decisions about how space is priced and sold – moving them toward a singular, optimised revenue strategy. 

Results analysis

Four hotels have already seen significant success with Smart Space, and Amaris plans to implement the tool across additional properties in 2018. To make sure that both revenue and sales managers were fully trained on the tools, and understood the importance of alignment across the two teams, all managers went through Smart Space training, provided by IDeaS. 

Previously, sales staff believed there was demand for large meeting spaces and would reserve those spaces for big events, often turning down smaller groups regardless of demand. With Smart Space, revenue managers can easily see the dates where there is not sufficient demand for these spaces. They have since changed their sales strategy to sell the function space.

“The implementation was great. The IDeaS deployment team was able to show us how to use it, but also the role that the tools play in our overall profitability, and why team alignment is critical. I cannot speak highly enough of them.” Stephanie Gosling, head of revenue, Amaris Hospitality.