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Template letter to journalists

Mash Media is calling on everyone working in the events industry to contact their local, regional or national newspapers and broadcasters in a drive to raise awareness about the situation the sector currently finds itself in.

Below, you will find a template letter which you can copy and paste into an email. Be sure to add your own personal story. Of course, you can tweak this version to suit your own writing style, but we advise leaving in the facts and figures.

Journalists don't like buzzwords or marketing phrases, and the business argument for events can sometimes be hard to swallow, so the story must be personal. Keep it clear, concise, and above all else, impactful: what do you stand to lose, and what does your community stand to lose?

Every newspaper or broadcaster will have a contact page, where you should be able to locate a general email address. If you can find the email suffix, then it is quite easy to work out the name variation if you are trying to get the attention of individual journalists.

For example, with an email suffix, try these variations:;;;, etc. Alternatively, use a general newsroom title such as:;;

Alternatively, call the newspaper or broadcaster and ask to be put through to the newsdesk. Don't be afraid to say you are nervous about talking to them, but say they must hear your story.

Follow your targeted titles on social media, and engage them in conversation about the events industry, sharing with them relevant articles which add depth to your story.

It is very important you do not attempt to plug your business, or come across as someone looking to get free advertising, as the journalist will decline to take up your story.

You may also wish to point them towards this petition, and tell them that you plan to write to your local MP: CLICK HERE



I am writing to share with you my worries and frustrations with the Government’s latest changes to the lockdown restrictions with regards to the events industry, and ask that you read my story.

While pubs, restaurants, cinemas and bingo halls can reopen, the events industry may not, despite organised events being easier environments to manage safely. The combined value of conferences, exhibitions, and outdoor events such as festivals and cultural events is worth £70bn to the UK economy each year and employs 700,000 people across a broad range of businesses.

Event organisers, those working in venues, supplying hire equipment such as audio-visual, caterers, technology companies, specialist event agencies, and of course freelancers, are at the moment deeply concerned about their jobs and businesses. Many have already had to close.

Health and safety must come first, but thousands of us risk losing our jobs, and we must have the media help raise awareness.


After continually ignoring the events industry, the Government has now released official guidance for the safe running of events, [link here:  ], but we urgently need a restart date, like other European countries. As every week passes, more jobs are lost.

If events are not allowed to return until 2021, and the furlough scheme ends in October, then there won’t be anyone left to run these events. I feel the media are duty-bound to address this major issue.

I look forward to your reply,