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Delegate Wranglers launch initiatives to support eventprofs

It never been more important for the events industry to stick together, and as the Covid-19 pandemic has forced eventprofs across the UK to stay at home, maintaining a human connection with peers is key.

Delegate Wranglers is hosting a range of initiatives via its Facebook page which aim to ‘uplift, educate and up-skill’ event professionals during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Initiatives include.

DW Live  

Delegate Wranglers will chat live to members of its Facebook group via a Facebook Live. Topics include new skills, teambuilding, interviews and much more. So far DW Live topics have included webinars and video conferencing, and an interview with Laura Capell-Abra from Stress Matters as well as a teambuilding session with Sam McNeill and Tom Billington from SongDivision. Anyone in the Facebook group can contribute to the sessions.

DW Showtime  

DW Showtime offers a free platform on the Delegate Wranglers' social media channels to entertainers in the Facebook group, providing members things to watch and the chance to learn about the entertainers.

Supplier focus

A written interview to give suppliers a bigger profile and the chance to tell the group about their services or venue.

Special agents 

A written interview to give agency staff a bigger profile about what they do and what skills they utilise.

Getting to know...

A written interview to give freelancers a platform to tell the group about their experience and skills

Freelancer hour; Supplier hour; Event hour 

Each allocated time slot has been extended to two hours each in order to give those in the industry even more opportunities to showcase their talents

Everyone in the group can contribute to features, while the aim of the events are to help everyone increase their profile, learn new skills, find new suppliers and keep entertained, and to give a boost to the event industry as a result.

Sign up to join the Delegate Wranglers Facebook group here.