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Work-life: a balancing act

Can event professionals finally achieve better work/life balance in 2018? Farnborough’s Carlo Zoccali takes stock

I can only imagine that eventprofs view stories about achieving a better work/life balance with a certain amount of cynicism. In an industry where people are on the go 24/7, often working 16-hour days to see events through to the end, who even has time to consider work/life balance? The best most of us can manage is getting a few hours’ sleep each night and taking a day off every now and then. 

A recent report from PriceWaterhouse Coopers found that a third of workers are struggling with mental illnesses, such as anxiety, stress and depression. Finding time to relax and let go for a bit is essential to keeping our teams healthy, motivated and energised. 

As people, we should do this because it’s wrong to wear our colleagues into the ground, and as businesses we need to do this because we can’t expect tired, stressed and depressed people to consistently deliver the innovative solutions and excellent service our industry strives to deliver for its clients. If we ignore the problem, cracks will show, and the ramifications of errors and sloppy delivery will set our industry back considerably. So, how do we meet the demands of our sector?

Recognition enables us to look at what can be done to make working lives that little bit easier. We’re a creative industry, so perhaps we should be creative with working hours, freely allowing time off during office hours to attend to life’s essentials – if the work gets done, does it really matter when or where it happens? 

If we recognise that work/life balance is a problem in our industry, we can listen to our people and ask what they need to make things better.  When our people can work to their full potential, our industry can rise to every challenge, delivering the outstanding solutions our clients expect.