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Step into a delegate’s shoes

In the third of a series of articles, David Preston, CEO of Realise highlights the importance of understanding delegate needs.

The old adage used to be ‘treat people they way you want to be treated.’ No, we need to recognise it’s actually ‘treat people the way they want to be treated.’

There are delegates who want to be greeted at the event check-in and there are just as many who want to handle the process swiftly, seamlessly and silently, with the process being a mere blip on the way to the all-important coffee stop.

First impressions count, and it’s interesting to see how slow some organisers are in considering the customer experience, which actually starts long before check-in.

You’ve already encouraged your visitor to book and then created a website that engages and excites them. So, that shouldn’t stop the moment they arrive at your event.

Add in technologies such as RFID and NFC so organisers can extract data based on what visitors choose to do, rather than what you try and force them to do. And less time at check-in means more time spent with visitors and sponsors.

Getting into the mindset of the delegate and understanding human psychology is essential if we want to encourage more delegates to events and deliver them an experience that they will remember for all the right reasons.

It’s the topic of a session we’re delivering at Event Tech Live this November. We hope to see you then.