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Reconnect the disconnected

Reconnect the disconnected

Rachel Macaulay, head of Vue conferences and events, says togetherness is key to driving a business forward.

Since we have returned to the office, so much has changed. Talking to industry peers and colleagues, it seems there are many people who began a role either before, or during the pandemic. Learning about company culture and doing their roles virtually has been difficult.

Now in-person events have returned, we need to get everyone on the same playing field and inspired to work as a whole. There is so much communication that can’t be translated through a screen. Face to face interaction is essential.

Simply assuming that everyone is okay, isn’t good enough. The last two years have been tough on many levels, with businesses struggling to stay alive, and colleagues doing their best to stay on an even keel. Mental health is critical right now. Some are doing well; some are still struggling and there will be more to come.


The best tonic is togetherness. To feel part of the big picture, not just an appendage to fulfil a role.

Why? Because if we don’t take care of this now and ensure everyone is onboard, feels included, and part of something; they will simply walk.

So, let’s invigorate teams, refocus strategy and reconnect the disconnected.

There are many ways we can exercise this, whether it’s taking the team out for a drink and reconnecting on an informal level, team bonding activities to encourage collective problem solving, or being treated to a relaxing film screening.

These all create team connectivity and are vitally important to ensure the happiness and togetherness of the tribe.

On the next level up, there are big kickstarter engagements with the whole department or company in a large venue with presentations and invigorating speeches to uplift the whole organisation.

Nurturing a unified approach will let everyone feel the thrill of being part of something special, drive to get big business and keep all the team participants where they should be, together.