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Purist, Pivoter, or Producer?

Heidi Williams, part of the We are Event Masters Facebook Group for eventprofs, asks: 'What kind of virtual event platform are you using?'

There has been an explosion in virtual event platforms, with hundreds of vendors to choose from, so narrowing it down to a shortlist is no easy task. It can help to understand the provenance of your provider because 'where' they've come from will influence their feature set, capabilities and specialities. In our experience, there are three types of virtual event providers - the 'purists' (who were always a virtual event platform), the 'pivoters' (who were originally something different - mostly mobile event app companies - that added streaming to their feature-set to pivot to virtual events), and the production peeps - who were (are) AV production companies at heart, and have the skills and expertise to create a platform for virtual events...

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