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How to ‘win’ at company teambuilding

Hermione Gingell, Regional Sales Manager at Center Parcs, discusses how to ensure you reap the benefits of company teambuilding and away days.


Teambuilding has often been misinterpreted in the past, with visions of awkward ‘ice-breaker’ activities and forced interaction preventing many from incorporating it into the wider company strategy.

However, the tides have most definitely turned, as more and more companies recognise the real value of bringing employees together to encourage team bonding through activities that are genuinely motivational, fun and rewarding in the long term as well as the short.

Center Parcs recently surveyed a selection of event planners to establish the top three objectives when booking a teambuilding activity and obtain a bigger picture of the industry’s teambuilding goals. Of the 175 we asked, the main objectives were morale and motivation boosting, employee retention/engagement and employee development, revealing the importance to employers of rewarding individuals to reap the benefits in the company as a whole.

But how do we measure these benefits against the time, effort and expense required, and ensure there is direct return from taking the time for a teambuilding experience?

We pride ourselves on our teambuilding offer, and the benefits it can provide to our clients and their employees. Below, we’ve highlighted some key considerations when it comes to getting the most out of your teambuilding day.


Set your goals

Having a clear set of objectives before you embark on your teambuilding journey is key. These objectives could be as simple as improving employee networking outside of the workplace in an informal setting, to wider objectives such as developing and streamlining brand awareness, business strategy and company values. If you can highlight which areas need the focus, you can better tailor your chosen activity for the day and see the improvement for yourself post-event!

Make it fun

Injecting an element of fun into your teambuilding event is also crucial, particularly for boostingmorale and motivation. An activity that involves creativity and problem-solving is extremely engaging, while opting for one of our adrenaline-fuelled activities like Laser Combat or a leap of faith from ‘The Drop’s’ raised platform ensures a sense of achievement long after the day is over.

Change your perspective

Alongside the short-term financials, adapt your mindset to view the long-term gains to be made through encouraging employee retention, rewarding hard work well done and developing a thriving working environment. Teambuilding can improve processes and procedures and help identify the barriers that hinder creativity within the workplace. Ultimately, it is a great opportunity for teams to get together in a neutral environment away from the stresses and strains of the workplace.