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Four ways to rediscover your meeting mojo

Caterina Alves, venue manager at RIBA venues, provide some top tips on how to avoid the winter slump, and make the most of the cold months.


With winter fast approaching, it can be difficult to get motivated about heading to meetings when it’s cold and dark outside. But the autumn season can be a great time to re-evaluate the goals you set for the year, and look at how you can make sure you are reaching, or even exceeding them.


Why not encourage your staff to make the most of the “end-of-year” drive by injecting some further inspiration into your business events? The RIBA team has put together four top tips for instigating more motivation at meetings and conferences in the final few months of 2018:


  1. Put on the OOO

Get people further away from their desks, and even out of the office, so that they focus on the task at hand. Those four walls you see everyday can sometimes lack inspiration, right? Venues such as 66 Portland Place and co-working spaces will often have spaces that they can hire out to businesses purely for your meeting needs, and may even have some extra perks you can consider (who doesn’t love fresh coffee and pastries?).


  1. Get the conversation online

Ask attendees to get their creative juices flowing before and after the event itself. You could create a hashtag to start an online conversation where people can share and get enthusiastic about their ideas for the months ahead, or for the new year.


  1. Get people moving

Why not get attendees moving about by creating sessions that don’t centre around sitting and listening to a speaker? From creating group debates to breakout yoga sessions, people will feel more engaged if you get them out of their seats for a while and engaging with the content, rather than sitting there daydreaming of lunch.


  1. Get creative with food and beverage options

Use food to grab people’s attention in addition to boosting energy levels. From street food stalls to BBQ buffets, mezze platters to tapas, why not add some colour and excitement to your event through your food and drink options? Food also gets people talking and, before you know it, your group will be networking over their sarnies and making new business connections that will help them when they return to the office.