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Five venues effectively using social media

Jessica Owens shares how five venues are making the most of social media.

There’s no escaping it, we live in a digital world. Increasingly, more and more gig goer’s discover that gig through Twitter, book tickets through Facebook or realise what they are missing out on through Instagram or TikTok.

Thanks to social media, venues now have a presence and identity of their own that can relate to guests in ever-changing, multi-dimensional ways. People are no longer just fans of the artist, they become fans of the venue itself.

We have put together some examples from the very best of social media in the music business to draw inspiration from.

1. Utilita Arena

The Utilita Arena in Newcastle understand that social media should be exactly that, social. It tweets like nobody is watching. It tweets like they are a fan. It tweets like they care. Utilita Arena authenticity is suitably rewarded with thriving social media accounts.

A mix of promotions, user generated content, lifestyle posts, meme-like content and information keeps the output fresh and followers engaged.


Utilita Arena understand that its social media should not be all about them. It frequently uses its platform to promote fan content. Take a look yourself:

Facebook, TwitterInstagram.

2. The Royal Court Theatre

The Royal Court Theatre’s social media approach is well integrated. The Royal Court creates original content, such as trailers, audience response videos and interviews, as well as posting relevant articles and links to outside sources.

By mapping out what you have on and creating a content calendar of things to post and ideas you have, you will never be stuck for things to talk about.


The Royal Court Theatre regularly reward and incentivise longevity of its social media fans through competitions to win tickets to various performances. Take a look yourself:

Facebook, TwitterInstagram.

3. First direct arena

With 140,000 Twitter followers, the first direct arena in Leeds must be doing something right. Quality over quantity, but both are most certainly true when it comes to first direct arena’s social media offering. Its content is engaging and it's easy to reply to updates because you actually want to.


The first direct arena are a curious. It asks fans questions, from the best place to eat ahead of a gig to what the best 90s track is. Take a look yourself:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

4. Alexandra Palace

Alexandra Palace is a venue with a thriving social media presence. It has a wide variety of events which will cater to a wide audience and it meets that challenge head on.

It self-proclaims to be ‘one of London's most instagrammable venues’ and so, it uses professional photographers to really bring the ‘Ally Pally’ experience to life.


Alexandra Palace celebrate its heritage by regularly visiting its history. Take a look yourself:

Facebook, TwitterInstagram.

5. The O2

The O2 score the biggest events in the UK. When events like The Brits come to town, the O2 take full advantage of playing host by giving the fans behind the scenes content.


The O2, use O2 to amplify their social media. Can you do similar with your network? Take a look yourself:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.