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Do yourself justice when entering the CN Agency Awards

Chris Robinson, managing director, Boost Awards discusses how to create a successful CNAA application.

So, you think you deserve a CN Agency Award? You quite possibly do. But standing between you and the recognition you deserve is the (not so) small matter of the written submission.

Your written entry is the one and only chance you have to get your case across. There is no second-stage, face-to-face presentation to give you the opportunity to elaborate. With this in mind, you really do need to ensure it does you justice.

Here are some important pointers from us here at Boost Awards, the world’s first and largest award entry consultancy.

We’ve distilled a huge list of suggestions and top tips into just three vital ingredients.

The three vital ingredients

The scoring for these awards is quite simple in principle. You have 4-5 questions to complete, and each question carries up to 10 marks. The highest scoring entry wins.

So, with this process in mind, what can you do to maximise your chances of earning marks and winning?

People often think that the judges will be able to spot the most worthy winner even through the most rough and ready application. This is simply not true. Deserving a CN Award and winning a CN Award are two entirely different things.

It is not enough to deserve the award, winning requires three key things: meeting the judging criteria, having a ‘wow’ factor and telling a compelling story.

1) The evidencing challenge

You need to quantify every single assertion you make with suitable data. The vital thing to do here is to organise the data you need to back up your key points.

Make the evidence balanced. Don’t include just happy conference visitors or financial performance, but a blend of low and high level metrics, and from as many perspectives as possible.

2) The all-important WOW

While you can get a high mark in each section with well-evidenced responses that answer the questions, you need to also bear in mind that this is not a box-ticking exercise.

Sometimes stories are so strong or ground-breaking that this ‘wow factor’ is almost handed to you on a plate.

However, while the extraordinary aspects of your achievements may seem obvious to you, you cannot leave it up to the judge to spot the miraculous from the mundane.

There is no one-size-fits all approach here sadly, because by definition each ‘wow’ has to be unique.

3) Tell a story

Tell a story with a dramatic opener with a clear challenge or vision, an engaging tone throughout, and a happy ending.

Doing all this within the word limits of the mandatory questions is far from quick or easy, you can guarantee that the winning entry will have done exactly that.

This year, wouldn’t it be great if that entry came from you?

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About the Author

Chris Robinson is MD of Boost Awards, the world’s first and largest award entry consultancy. Boost has helped its clients win over 1,300 awards. Contact Boost for a free informal chat about awards, sign up to free monthly deadline reminders or visit their popular UK Awards List website to view over 3,500 awards to enter.