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Collaboration is key

Collaboration is key

Eventprofslive and Make Events outline the benefits of working with agencies.

Eventprofslive recently formed a partnership with Conference News’ 2022 Medium Agency of the year award recipient, Make Events. All of us at Eventprofslive were delighted for the team
to see them win this well-deserved recognition. We feel so proud to partner with Make Events
to work to bridge that ever-important gap between corporates and agencies that has always been there (at least in our careers). Seeing them win their award just cemented that drive towards better collaboration that we are both so passionate about.

Working with agencies

Forming strong, long-lasting and trusted relationships as a corporate with an event agency is essential. The agency you work with is delivering what will be your recognition; it’s your event; the buck stops with you, the better the relationship, the better the outcome.

Working with a trusted agency removes all the stress, becomes a crucial extension of your team, and allows that agency to immerse themselves with your brand. This all-access openness and trust will ensure success. A misconception is that by working with an agency, they are doing what should, in essence, be your role as a corporate. But, the reality is, they are actually enhancing your job and saving you a whole lot of time.

When considering our column for this issue, we thought who better to collaborate with than our agency partner, Make Events, for its thoughts on this apparent gap. Here’s what Juliet Tripp, group strategy director of Make Events, had to say where she shares her tips to better collaboration.

“Collaboration is so important in the world of events. Across every aspect and touchpoint, opportunities exist to create a more robust, valuable experience by working together as partners rather than simply suppliers. This is something we are super passionate about at Make Events; to create a truly successful event we believe collaboration is key,” she says.

Tripp continues: “Firstly, getting under the skin of a brand to understand their core values and what matters most to them. When an agency or supplier can speak a brand’s language and comprehensively understand their vision, we can weave that into the event at every moment, thus elevating the event experience all round.”

For Tripp, communication goes hand in hand with collaboration. “You need to ensure there are pre-determined arrangements and ways to communicate through the event planning process which suit all parties. For example, some client/ agency relationships prefer phone calls, some weekly zoom meetings, some a slack channel.

“Collaboration is finding a way towards a goal together, and by working in this way we can ensure a successful event from every side.”