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Become a Transformational Leader

Chris Parnham, MD at Absolute Corporate Events, asks which kind of leader are you? Will your leadership make your staff flatline or feel completely alive?

Doctors are amazing, they have such a worthwhile and fulfilling role in life – they make people better. What can be more satisfying than that? Well, being a good leader or manager should be equally satisfying because good leaders should also make people better.

There are basically two types of leader, the question is, which one are you?

Some leaders keep you in the doctor’s waiting room – the place where nothing happens, nothing changes, and nobody gets better. Left there long enough, people start to get worse. These leaders bark out orders, ask for endless reports, always demand more, insist on things their way and surround you in process and rules.

These leaders don’t take on feedback or questions, don’t ask for help or ideas, are impatient and always seem to be extremely busy. People who work for these leaders do, at best, exactly what they are told to do, never more, usually less. They usually slow down and stop caring. They rarely get better.

Other leaders are right in the surgery – right in the thick of it, saving lives. They are the doctors. They create an environment or culture where you want to do your best. They make it clear what ‘great’ looks like and recognise it when you achieve it.

People who work for these leaders are encouraged to deliver what you instinctively know the client needs or wants. In fact, you feel like you want to over-deliver or exceed expectations. They are not soft; they are tough, and have extremely high expectations, but they encourage you to meet them.

You want this leader to be proud of you and your work. Their praise means something. When you take a problem, idea, suggestion or challenge to them, you always come away feeling like you have been helped or listened to. You feel better. They always have time for you, and always seem to be on top of things. They are never out of control, or too busy. People who work for these leaders grow and flourish. They want to impress their leader, so they always strive for more. They get better.

Psychological research backs all of this up and studies and research have found that being a transformational leader can have a hugely positive effect on a group of people.

Research evidence quite clearly shows that groups led by transformational leaders have higher levels of satisfaction and performance than groups led by other types of leaders, according to psychologist and leadership expert Ronald

E. Riggio in an article for Psychology Today.

The reason, according to Riggio, is that transformational leaders believe that their followers CAN and WILL do their best, leading members of the group to feel inspired, motivated and empowered…. In a nutshell, they feel great, they feel better. They feel alive.

So, if you are a leader, make sure you are in the surgery, not the waiting room. The real magic happens in the surgery. It’s where people get better.