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Ambassadors mean business

By Kelly Vickers, director of Meet Cambridge

Seven years ago we launched the Cambridge Ambassador Programme in a bid to harness the connections of academics at our two universities and encourage them to bring their events to the city.

It was a good move – and seven years on, the Scheme has reaped rewards. During 2018 and the first part of 2019, we hosted a total of 18 international conferences, with the support of our Ambassadors.

These events attracted more than 2,400 delegates and were worth just over £2.8m to the local economy; we have a further 14 in the pipeline through to 2024. 

As part of the Cambridge Ambassador Programme, we offer free help and support to Ambassadors, from the bidding stage through to the event and beyond.

Many need to compile a comprehensive bid for their professional associations, providing detailed information, graphics and data to make the case for Cambridge, above other locations on the shortlist.

Recently we held an event for our Ambassadors from Cambridge University and Anglia Ruskin University, together with representatives from Cambridge-based organisations and the mayor of Cambridge, to celebrate the successful promotion of Cambridge as a unique location for international conferences.

It was also a ‘thank you’ to those who, in bringing events to the city, are playing a major role in flying the Cambridge flag on the international stage.

As well as providing visiting delegates with the opportunity to enjoy a unique Cambridge Experience, conferences and events brought to our region are important for facilitating discussions and enabling knowledge exchange, whilst also delivering significant economic benefit to the local economy and its events supply chain.

They are a fantastic platform for showcasing the city and for facilitating collaboration on many levels.

Our achievements have been endorsed by academics within the universities who see the importance of global engagement, sharing knowledge and creating connections and opportunities across the world.

Through the Cambridge Ambassador Programme, we hope that we can inspire more academics and business people to champion and propose Cambridge as a conference destination to their respective associations and societies in the future.