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Jose Bort

Jose Bort
CEO and Co-founder of Pickevent

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Jose Bort - 15 Dec 14
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15 Dec 14

Using technology to bring more value to delegates

#EventProfs Network is the proof that event professionals are eager to learn about event technologies (this grew from 0 to 800 UK members in just 5 months). The most common question is “what are the trends on?” -  matters such as building communities, event apps, audience engagement, event promotion, etc.
Technologies are going to move from a tool for the organiser to a tool for the delegate that through bringing value, it makes people use them and, therefore, they bring the desired benefits to the organiser. A current example of this is event apps that provide huge analytics for the organiser but the attendees can’t even message each other. As opposite, Q&A technologies like give all power to attendees with incredible outcomes for the organiser.
There are three things that will bring more value to delegates:
Firstly, Artificial Intelligence: technologies will recommend the most appropriate content and people to connect with even before we make that decision. There are some technologies providing recommendation but this is just the beginning.
Secondly, Contactless Technologies: all these new fancy words like iBeacons, RFID, NFC, etc. are the first generation of capturing and sharing data at the events. These technologies combined with a slick way to display the data, will completely change the attendee experience.
Last but not least, Communities: People want to get more out of an event, but all current efforts go to the before and during experience. After-event technologies will provide massive engagement in-between events that will generate more revenue, attendance and relevant data.

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