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Iain Wallace

Iain Wallace
Head of Innovation at real-time interactive engagement company Lumi

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29 Aug 14

Google Glass developers must solve genuine problems

Google Glass is a really interesting piece of technology that asks people to question what is and isn’t acceptable in the public domain - If you told someone two years ago that they would not only choose to wear a computer on their face, but they would also be able to take photos, view videos and translate text in near real time - they would have said you were crazy.

Now this is a reality, albeit an expensive and buggy one, people are starting to come up with real world use case scenarios for this technology. In areas such as medical training and high risk environments the benefits are fairly obvious, in Meetings and Events they are not. The natural opportunity is simply to stream information such as slide notes to the presenter or give them prompts such as ‘five minutes remaining’. While that’s a great concept, all we are doing is removing the reliance on the confidence monitor (which is still necessary) and introducing another complexity into the setup of a meeting.

As with most new technology trends people have to ask themselves - what problem does this solve and does it make my life easier. If the answer to these questions is a bit of a stretch then it’s probably not the right time to become an adopter.

I heard a great quote recently from someone saying Google has discovered the most effective way to impart information is through the eyes and the fastest way to pass it on is through the mouth. So, will Google Glass take over the world? Probably not, but the fact that it even exists forces people to rethink and reassess the way they live their day to day lives and increases the ever growing reliance of being connected to the internet.

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