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Nick Gold

Nick Gold
MD of Speakers Corner and chairman of the European Association of Speaker Bureaus

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27 Jan 15

Moving with the market

It is almost as if companies and individuals have finally come to accept (however reluctantly) that the state of the world, the economy, business and ‘life’ as it is now is the new norm. What do I mean by this? Change is inevitable and constant. From a business perspective, industries and sectors are being disrupted by new technologies, processes and ideas. From a personal perspective, jobs for life are not the norm and a traditional journey path for an individual is no longer clear.

The amount of time we spend in work means that we can’t just ‘work to live’ any more but have to embrace and enjoy work and make sure we are achieving and challenging ourselves within the work environment. Companies are understanding this and paying more than just lip service to the realisation that the only real competitive advantage in the long term for a company is the people who work for them. 

What does this mean for the speaker industry? These are exciting times. A speaker can challenge a company and challenge an individual, inspire, motivate and cajole individuals (whatever role they play in the company) to challenge themselves, their companies and the way they work to ensure their company continues to survive and thrive.

From an individual perspective, these challenges mean that the individual will take greater personal satisfaction from their everyday lives, and in a world where we discuss personal fulfilment and self-realisation, this personal work satisfaction can go a long way in helping the individual reach their goals. 

The challenge for the industry is to ensure the speakers who are booked are delivering value and content to the client and fit perfectly to the brief. The clients should expect more and the speaker has to understand that their reputation is only as good as their next speech not their previous endeavours.

And that is why I am feeling buoyant and positive about the role of speaker bureaus. The speaking marketplace is such there are no barriers to entry to becoming a speaker - you have achieved something amazing or are an expert in a field, if you market yourself right, you are a speaker but how does the client know if you can actually deliver on the day. Unbiased speaker bureaus provide advice, guidance and consultation for clients in order to work with them to choose the right speaker for their event. We are solely focussed on a small but critical part of any conference - the content.

At Speakers Corner we spend much of our time talking and listening to speakers so when we are speaking to clients, the advice we deliver is true and honest and based on the premise that when the speaker stands up to deliver their speech or the host is running the event, they are the perfect fit for the client and the delegates at the event.

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