With association business making up a steady and large part of conference business worldwide and in the UK, Mash Media is launching a new platform for discussion of burning issues in this sub-sector of the events community with a new magazine and website.

Association Event Manager (AEM) will examine best practice in the sector, as well as interviewing the movers and shakers and identifying and exploring trends, research and ahead of the curve thinking.

The new publication, launching in March with sister publication Conference News, will go to Mash Media’s extensive database of association contacts and bring into sharper focus this valuable field for the UK economy.

AEM will lever the full gamut of Mash Media and Conference News’ association contacts and partners to provide insight into best practice and delve into this important niche to highlight and discuss the major issues involved for the benefit of all concerned.

From exploring the pharma code, through revenue generation, sponsorship and promoting, and leveraging meeting content, through CSR and how to build meetings with a positive legacy, as well as issues connected to the digital infrastructure and joining the social media conversation, AEM will aim to provide a reliable and flexible platform for debate and analysis.

AEM is interested in hearing about interesting case studies and insights from all involved in bidding, winning and producing association business, as well as those association managers and meeting planners involved in this sub-sector. Help us to make AEM your guide to action on the association field.

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