UK Event Wellbeing Week 2017 kicks off major campaign for eventprof wellness

UK Event Wellbeing Week gets underway on Monday 18 September, with organisers set to lay out industry resource for wellbeing advice and support, #EventWell17.

EventWell has been set up to help companies looking to implement wellbeing initiatives and schemes, and managers to support their teams.

Early findings from campaign research has identified that 1 in 3 event professionals will suffer from an episode of mental ill health at some point in their lives and careers, and that 75% have cited workload and responsibilities as the main cause of their current stress levels.

Further research from the campaign has identified that the biggest workplace hazards causing stress for event professionals are: demands of the job, the support received from managers and colleagues and relationships at work. Additional to this the workplace pressures that are causing stress are: client expectations and pressure from top management.

Events taking place during campaign week will aim to address these key findings and include:

  • Event First Steps’ Campfire session on the morning of 19 September, debating how to avoid burn out whilst making your mark in the industry
  • ILEA UK’s Bootcamp and Picnic Chats on the evening of the same day addressing fitness and nutrition, mental health, diversity and inclusion
  • EventHuddle’s breakfast panel on the morning of 20 September debating with a live audience the question, ‘Why are we failing to address wellbeing in the workplace?’
  • An EWL (Eventprofs Who Lunch) Club’s practical workshop on 22 September covering the differences between workplace pressure and stress, the triggers, the symptoms and how we can take better care of ourselves and our colleagues.

Campaign team leaders will also be in London at Square Meal Venues + Events Live in the wellness lounge at the two day show to speak to event professionals, managers and business leaders about the new wellbeing resource for the industry.

The campaign has received backing from key UK industry associations and organisations, including BVEP, ILEA-UK, ABPCO, HBAA, EMA-UK, BDRC, MIA, ESSA. International interest in the campaign has also come from MPI Netherlands, MPI BC and CiEvents in Australia, who are all offering support to an International Event Wellbeing Week launching in the Spring of 2018.

Individual events professionals are also backing the campaign pledging to start, change or quit something for the week, pledges received to date have included:

“Pledge to continue going to gym at lunchtime thanks to our new company initiative to give us 1.5hr lunch break if we go to gym” – Carlo Zoccali, account director.

“My pledge is to continue with recent change of getting up at 6am, and having a full breakfast rather than grab and go” – Alan Newton, COO.

“My pledge is to sit and eat breakfast with my son each morning rather than grabbing a coffee on the go” – Nel Flint, director of operations meetings and venue find at Capita Travel and Events.

#EventWell17 co-founder and campaign manager Helen Moon commented: “The enthusiasm from the industry in response to the campaign has been overwhelming and incredibly encouraging, in addition to the international interest and support. We are all aware of the importance of taking care of ourselves, our teams and our employees, but the difficulty for many has been where do we start?

“EventWell is a new resource that will provide event professionals and businesses with the advice, knowledge and thought-leadership that allows them to make informed decisions on implementing best practice that impacts positively on workplace wellbeing and improves physical and mental health. Whether business owners, team leaders, or individuals, it is the industry’s responsibility to drive this forward and EventWell is bringing the industry together as one collective voice.”

For more information on this and how to get involved, visit:

Paul Colston


Paul Colston

Managing Editor, Conference News & Conference & Meetings World.

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