New music service targets hospitality sector

Ambient FM, a music distribution organisation and indie label, has launched a new music service aimed at the hospitality sector. The service will deliver interactive music channels in high resolution FLAC audio, designed to create a great environment for customers, potentially increasing sales by up to 15%.

Currently many major chains and independent traders alike believe that because they have statutory performing rights licenses (PRS/PPL in the UK) that they can play music from consumer streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music.

The reality is that such services explicitly prohibit commercial use because they do not have the required commercial IP rights from the labels and authors to authorise business usage.

Ambient is fully licensed for business usage and also features a unique rights managed option, meaning traders would not be required to purchase PRS or PPL licences, potentially saving them thousands of pounds per site each year.

Lee Jones, CEO, Ambient said, “Our research in the hospitality sector has been eye opening, with so many chains and independent traders not realising the legalities of music licensing. Our benefits are twofold; firstly helping them become compliant, reducing the risk of legal action. Secondly, we help them deliver and manage music that enhances their customer experience. The research is very clear that the right music has a serious impact on dwell time and sales. Being legal also means artists are rewarded properly.”

Ambient offers a full online demo and 14 days free trial, which will help clients make a smooth and risk free transition to fully legal music

If a business has failed to ensure compliance with the law and fails to address the problem it leaves the organisation and its directors liable and at risk to criminal and/or civil action. Under civil law businesses may be subject to court action and have to pay damages relating to any infringement. Criminal action may lead to unlimited fines and a custodial sentence, which could be up to a maximum of 10 years.

Martin Fullard


Martin Fullard

Martin Fullard: journalist, presenter, producer. Martin is the Deputy Editor at Conference News and Conference & Meetings World magazines. He leads the digital channels on Mash Media’s Conference Division as well as heading up Mash TV. He is formerly a web editor at a national newspaper in the Middle East and motoring journalist.

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