Top 10 transport tips for event planners

Event transport can be a logistical challenge. Heather Matthews from Little’s, the global chauffeur company, shares her expert advice on creating a flawless event transport plan.

1. Integrate transport into your plan from the start

Event transport is so much more than cars and chauffeurs, so planning should start early. From airport arrival times to security passes and drop off points, leave nothing to chance.

2. Pick the right vehicles

Think through the details before making your choice. Do you need extra luggage space, environmentally friendly hybrids or cars of a similar marque and livery to look good in photography?

3. Consider an on-site transport co-ordinator

Transporting large numbers of guests can be complicated, so consider using an on-site transport co-ordinator. They can work as part of your production team to provide expert, round the clock management of every aspect of your transport plan.

4. Make it personal

Remember that each passenger is an individual with different needs. On-board technology, confidentiality agreements, refreshments or pillows and blankets are just some of the requests you should consider.

5. Future proof your plans

Many transport problems, such as traffic delays, can be foreseen and managed ahead of time. Building contingencies into your event plan means less stress for you when the event is live.

6. Be flexible

Also build in flexibility and prepare for last minute issues and guests changing their plans. Make sure you can tweak your plan up to the very last minute.

7Connect through technology

Use the very latest technology to keep your transport team, chauffeurs and guests connected and fully updated when your event is live.

8. Have round the clock back up

If your event production office is a 24 hour operation, then you need the same from your transport team should the unexpected occur.

9. Think globally

Factor the needs of international guests into your transport plan.  Chauffeurs who can give overseas guests some insight into the host country and fulfil sightseeing requests will be appreciated.

10. Enjoy the ride!

Your guests want to enjoy themselves at your event, so their transport should be part of the experience. Courteous, informed chauffeurs and luxurious cars will help make sure that your event begins and ends perfectly.

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